Mahim Halwa

  Mahim Halwa is a thin delicate slab of sweet decorated with nuts and cardamom. The mouthwatering and delicious Mahim Halwa is a popular Indian sweet. Each slab is separated by butter paper. Usually this halwa comes in two colour white and yellow. Mahim halwa is also a known as Ice halwa or Paper halwa … Continue reading Mahim Halwa


Among all the festivals that we have in our country, the grandest is Diwali. The entire country is lit up. Families prepare delicious delicacies and indulge heartily. Of the numerous sweets that are prepared, the most popular is Karanji, especially in the state of Maharashtra. In Northern states, it is popular as Gujiya. It is … Continue reading Karanji/Gujiya

Anjeer Barfi

You’d have a memory of your mother or grandmother making Anjeer Barfi in huge quantities and storing it up in ‘dabbas’ and making you eat one every day. This nutritious savory sweet is loved by all irrespective of their age. Mixed with nuts, dried figs and crumbled mawa, this mithai has everything that’d make up … Continue reading Anjeer Barfi

Dink Laddoo

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we Indians cannot survive without sweets and among that, laddoos form the most indispensable part. There are myraid varieties available all across the country. Today we bring to you the popular Dink Laddoo. It is a dessert made using gum resin and whole wheat flour. These Ladoos … Continue reading Dink Laddoo


Unni appam, also called Karollappam is a small round snack made from rice, jaggery, banana, roasted coconut pieces, roasted sesame seeds, ghee and cardamom powder fried in oil. It is a traditional recipe of Kerala. Unni in malayalam means small, Ney means ghee/clarified butter and Appam means small rice cake. Both Neyyappam and Unni appam … Continue reading Uniappam

Aam Papad/Aamsotto

Since this is the season of mangoes, you’ll find all kinds of mango products in the market. The luscious juicy fruit can be blended in tons of delicious recipes. Have you tasted the tangy Aam Papad or as is called in Bengali, Aamsotto? Aamsotto are mango rolls, made using Mangoes, Sugar and Lime. Known as … Continue reading Aam Papad/Aamsotto


Achappam is a traditional South Indian snack. It is fried, delicate and incredibly crunchy. The name Achappam came from two words ‘achu’ meaning iron mould and ‘appam’ meaning bread. This being very similar to Scandinavian rosette cookies, it’s also called rose cookies. Ask your South Indian friend to make you taste this crunchy snack. Gather … Continue reading Achappam